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AR Building Private Instruction

Build an AR

AR Building Private Class in Charlotte, NC

The AR-15 is an American icon, loved by firearm enthusiasts throughout North Carolina. You can find stock AR rifles from today's top firearm brands in stores across the country, but you won't find the AR of your dreams sitting behind a glass case. Instead, many people are choosing to build their own ARs by mixing and matching different parts and extra features — a task that will provide you with an up-to-date, personalized firearm that's unlike any other.

Learn How to Build an AR-15 With Private 1:1 Session in Charlotte, NC

Blackstone's AR building private instruction will give you all the supplies and know-how you need to complete an AR build that you can take pride in. In just a few hours, you'll learn the basics of the AR-15, how to make one for yourself and how each of the components you add works together to create a functional firearm. We'll then put each build to the test by firing them in our indoor range.

Each session is taught by our seasoned gunsmith who is as passionate about the shooting sports as you are. They'll help you design the best possible AR build for your needs using our provided tools and professional, personalized instruction. By the end of the instruction, you'll have a fully functional, legal firearm that you can take home and use for hunting or recreational shooting.

Why Build Your Own AR-15?

As anyone who's already built an AR will tell you, piecing together your own firearm is an incredible experience. An AR-15 build instruction offers many benefits, including:

  • Cost-effectiveness: Building your own AR-15 can spare your wallet up to hundreds of dollars. Even if you buy several upscale parts for your AR build, you'll probably still pay less than you would to buy one pre-assembled.
  • Customization: While stock rifles come with set features, building your own AR-15 allows you to design your firearm exactly how you've imagined it. You can mix and match parts and add extra features to personalize your build to your needs. You also have the choice of bringing in your own parts or walking through the store with our gunsmith to handpick from Blackstone Shooting Sport's selection.
  • Pride in your abilities: When you build your own AR, you're creating a rifle that's truly your own. The rewarding feeling is like no other. You can take pride in your achievement and wow your friends with your skills.
  • Camaraderie: While you could build an AR entirely on your own, completing your first build amid other firearm enthusiasts is a worthwhile endeavor. You can bond with people throughout Charlotte that share your interests, potentially forming long-lasting friendships.
  • Fun: Building a firearm is pure fun! Many people who learned the skill in an AR build private 1:1 have continued to build as a lifelong hobby.
  • Convenience: If you would like your AR to be built with specific parts, but do not have the time you have the option to drop all of those parts or pick them out at the store to have our gunsmith build a custom AR for you.

Enroll in a Charlotte, NC, AR-Building Private Class

Building your first firearm is a highly rewarding milestone, and doing it under the guidance of industry experts with other individuals like you will make the experience even better. Ready to experience an AR build private instruction for yourself? We offer a chance for you to sign up for private instruction from our Charlotte, NC, facility. Sign up now or request more information by contacting us through email, calling (704) 414-6020 or stopping by our facility.