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Gunsmithing Services

Every firearms owner wants their collection to look and function at its best. However, not everyone has the time or know-how to clean and repair every minuscule part of a firearm — especially as a new firearms owner. That's where Blackstone Shooting Sports comes in.

Our professional gunsmith serves individuals throughout the Charlotte, NC, area from our conveniently located shooting center. Whether you need routine maintenance or a custom modification, turn to the Blackstone experts to deliver results you can count on.

What Is Gunsmithing?

Gunsmithing is the act of designing, repairing, assembling, cleaning and modifying firearms. Ultimately, a professional gunsmith's goal is to make sure these firearms are safe to fire and function according to specifications.

Gunsmiths perform a wide variety of tasks related to handguns and rifles of all kinds. For example, you may need a gunsmith to get your firearm back to full functionality if it isn't working like it should. Or, if you have a rare firearm, our gunsmith can help you maintain it properly and keep it clean over the years. Whether you want a fresh coat of paint or convenient additional features, a professional gunsmith is the best person to call.

Reasons You Might Need a Gunsmith

Gunsmiths play a significant role in keeping your firearm safe while it performs to your exact specifications. You might request our Charlotte, NC, gunsmithing services if:

  • Your firearm is damaged or missing parts and needs to be fixed
  • You want to customize your firearm with features like bright-colored paint
  • You want to install modifications on a pre-built or self-built firearm
  • You need your firearm to be cleaned
  • You may want a gunsmith to build your custom firearm

Come to Blackstone Shooting Sports in Charlotte, NC, for Premium Gunsmithing Services

Your firearm is likely one of your most prized possessions — so not just any cleaning or maintenance service will do. You deserve professional services you can trust, and we're proud to provide those services at Blackstone Shooting Sports.

One of the most significant benefits you'll receive from our gunsmith is our expertise. Our professionals have years of experience servicing rifles and pistols of all models and manufacturers. We promise to treat your firearm with the same care we'd use to maintain our own.

Ready to see a difference in your firearm? Below you can find a list of starter prices that are subject to change based on service.

Full Build $200

Purchased all your parts at Blackstone? Receive 50% off full build services!

*All parts must be purchased and provided in advance.

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General Gunsmithing

  • Basic Clean $29.99
  • Detailed Clean $45
  • Rifle Scope Mounting $50
  • Red Dot Install Handgun & Rifle $30
  • Rifle Sight-In $45
  • Handgun Sight-in $35
  • Diagnose & Repair $60/hr.
    • $15 minimum
  • Talon Grip Install $20**
  • Smith and Wesson Apex Trigger Install $40
  • FN Apex Trigger install $50
  • Fixed Sight Install $30-$45 depending on gun
    • Free installation if purchased in store
  • Revolver Front Sight Install $50


  • Full Build $50
  • Frame Assembly $30
  • Slide Assembly $20
  • Trigger Install $20
  • Spring Kit Install $20
  • Connector Swap $15
  • Magazine Base Pad Install $10
    • Free installation if purchased in store


  • Full Build $150
  • Lower Assembly $75
  • Upper Assembly $125
  • Muzzle Device Install with Crush Washer $15
  • Muzzle Device Install with Shims $20
  • Muzzle Device install on FN Scar $30
  • Gas Block Swap $75
  • Adjust Gas Setting $50
  • A2 Removal $75
  • Two Piece Rail Install $20
  • Free Float Rail & Barrel Install $80
  • Rail, Barrel, and gas block Install $100
  • Two Piece to Free Float Conversion $150
  • Trigger Install $30
  • Trigger Job $50
  • Law Tactical Folding Stock Adapter $50
  • Binary Trigger Install for AR $50
  • Binary Trigger Install for AK $75
  • Safety Install $25
  • Buffer Tube Assembly Swap $25
  • Bolt Catch Assembly $15
  • Magazine Release Install $15
  • Grip Install $15

Stippling Services

  • Full Handgun Wrap $199.99 + $50 for micro dot pattern
  • Carry Package $99.99 + $50 for micro dot pattern
    • For additional side panel $49.99
  • Trigger Guard Patch $20
    • One Included with Each Package
  • Finger Pads $20
    • One Included with Each Package
  • Accelerator Cuts $50
  • Removing Finger Grooves $50
  • Back Straps $40
  • Pinky Extensions $15
  • AR Grips (Pistol Grip & Vertical Grips) $75
  • AR Magazines $30 Per
  • Shotgun Forends $250

Take a look at the process


  • Single Undercut $35
  • Double Undercut $60

Foam Cutting Services

  • Rifle - $60 ea.
  • Optic - $20 ea.
  • Handgun - $25 ea.
  • Magazines - $10 ea.
  • Cameras - Price based on a per case basis
  • Radios - Price based on a per case basis