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Blackstone's Shooting Range

The Range

About Blackstone’s Gun Range

Blackstone Shooting Sports is the largest indoor shooting range in the Carolinas and one of the country’s premier indoor gun ranges.

Our Beautiful 27-Lane Indoor Range is Fully Air-Conditioned and Open 7 Days a Week to Members and the Public

Enjoy the Comfort of a Public Indoor Shooting Range in Charlotte, NC

Are you looking for a shooting range in the southern North Carolina or northern South Carolina area? Maybe you've recently moved to the region and need a new shooting center to call home, or perhaps you're coming on a business trip and want to let off some steam in between meetings. Whatever your situation, Blackstone Shooting Sports in Charlotte, NC, is here to meet your needs.

Our shooting center is designed to remain completely comfortable — even in the sweltering North Carolina summers. The range is entirely indoors and climate-controlled, so you can focus solely on hitting your target and creating exceptional experiences with your friends and family.

Range Pricing

Pay for each visit or become a member and save big! Experience the luxury of unlimited range time!

Walk-In Rates

$29 / per hour
  • $18 - 2nd Shooter, Same Lane (50% Off for Members)
  • $20 Single Firearm Rental (50% Off for Members)
  • $27 Unlimited Firearm Rentals (50% Off for Members)
  • $20 Eye/Ear Protection Combo (Yours to Keep)

Membership Rates

$49.99 / per month
  • Unlimited Free Range Time
  • 50% Off 2nd Shooter, Same Lane
  • 50% Off Firearm Rentals
  • Range Reservations
  • Members' VIP Lounge Access
  • 10% off Private Instruction & Classes
  • Add Your Family Member(s) for $25/month

Member Exclusive Firearm Rentals

H&K MR762 LRP III - 7.62x51mm

CZ Shadow 2 - 9mm

Staccato XC - 9mm

Staccato C2 -9mm

Staccato PDPO - 9mm

All You Need to Know About the Shooting Range

Blackstone Shooting Sports is the largest indoor shooting range in the Carolinas and one of the country’s premier indoor gun ranges. Blackstone features 27 well-lit, state-of-the-art shooting lanes, including a 9-lane tactical training bay designed for advanced law enforcement and civilian training. Each of the lanes at Blackstone is 25 yards long.

Our programmable target system was designed by Action Target and Mancom, the industry leaders in shooting range equipment. Just punch in the distance for your target and hit GO! Our tactical range also features turning targets, a great way to test the abilities of shooters of all skill levels.

All of our lanes are equipped with Action Target’s steel Total Containment Trap, baffling system, and clear-view bulletproof glass shooting stalls. The heated and air-conditioned range features a state-of-the-art ventilation system that provides clean air at a constant 68 degrees. With a slight breeze at your back, our system moves air down-range at a carefully monitored rate of 75 cubic-feet-per-minute in order to minimize lead exposure and to ensure that those at the firing line will always breath fresh, clean air.

Our Charlotte, NC, target shooting range is open to members and the public every day.

Walk Into Our Range or Enjoy Unlimited Member Access

Are you trying out our range for the first time? No need to worry about signing up or reserving a spot — we welcome all guests with walk-in access to our center. Once you arrive, we'll get you set up with a lane as soon as one becomes available and offer any rentals or extra ammo you might need from our store. Then, you'll enjoy an hour of range time to hone your skills for success.

One of the ways we offer more benefits to our guests is through our membership programs. You can skip the line and enjoy unlimited all-day range time with priority lane access when you sign up for a Blackstone Shooting Sports membership. You'll even get 50% off the price of a second shooter, a 50% discount on all firearm rentals and more.

What You'll Find at Our Indoor Range

At Blackstone Shooting Sports, we're more than just another indoor shooting range. As the leading shooting center in the Charlotte, NC, area, we offer a vast array of products and activities. When you come to our range, you'll enjoy:

  • Shooting range access: We love helping new guests make memorable experiences at our range, which is why we offer walk-in shooting lane access so that you can enjoy the range for one hour at a time. Of course, if you come often, you'll enjoy significant savings by signing up for a membership for all-day shooting time.
  • Firearm rentals: Don't have a firearm? Not a problem. When you walk into our center, just let us know you'd like to request a firearm rental. We'd be happy to go over the best type of firearm for your needs from among our extensive rental inventory. Some guests also choose to rent a firearm they're interested in to decide whether they'd like to buy one for themselves. View our full rental list HERE
  • A world-class firearm superstore: After your range time, stop by our retail store, where we have hundreds of firearms from today's top manufacturers on display. Along with a large firearm inventory, you'll also find all the ammunition, cases and accessories you need for an exceptional shooting experience.
  • Firearms training: Whether you're new to the world of shooting sports or want to hone your skills in certain situations, nothing beats learning with a seasoned pro and a classroom full of people just like you. Sign up for one or more of our firearms training courses to learn how to shoot, prepare for real-world situations or even build your own rifle.
  • Gunsmithing: As you shoot at the bullseyes in our shooting range, you might discover that your firearm isn't working quite as smoothly as it once did. Simply submit a gunsmith work order to get for a good-as-new firearm that exceeds your expectations.
  • Event spaces: Impress an important client with an hour at the shooting range, or bring a whole group of friends and family for an unforgettable event. You can do it all with a combination of our shooting lanes, VIP lounge and classroom which we'll prepare especially for you before your group's arrival.

Visit Charlotte, NC's Premier Public Indoor Shooting Range

If you live in the Charlotte, NC, area, Blackstone Shooting Sports is your ultimate center for entertainment. From our climate-controlled indoor lanes to the convenient rentals that make it possible to enjoy our range even without your own equipment, you'll find everything you need for a memorable adventure.

Our experts are here to make you feel safe and welcome before you even step onto the range. Feel free to contact us online or give us a call at (704) 414-6020 with any questions you might have — or stop by our Charlotte location to talk to us in person. We can't wait to help you make unforgettable memories in the world of shooting sports.


Firearm & Shooting Range FAQs

What are the range rules?


All firearms, when carried anywhere in this facility, must be cased and unloaded (EXCEPTION: law enforcement and concealed carry licensees)

  1. Always point the muzzle in a safe direction
  2. When moving through the facility, point muzzle at the floor
  3. At shooting station, point muzzle downrange at all times
  4. Know how the firearm operates. If unsure, just ask!
  5. Know that the firearm and the ammunition are compatible. If unsure, just ask!
  6. Hearing and eye protection are required at all times
  7. Use of alcoholic beverages or drugs prior to or during shooting is prohibited
  8. Keep your firearm unloaded until at your shooting station and ready to shoot
  9. Keep your finger off the trigger until on target and ready to fire
  10. Only lead core bullets are permitted on the range. No steel core, incendiary, tracer, exploding or tipped ammo of any kind is permitted on the premises.
  11. You will be fined for hitting anything other than the paper target
  12. Only two people are permitted per shooting station
  13. Never move forward of the firing line
  14. Rapid fire is prohibited unless approved in advance by the RSO
  15. Food, drink or tobacco products are not permitted on the range
  16. Open toed shoes and low cut tops are prohibited on the range for the safety of all guests (Spent casings are hot!)
  17. Hand loaded ammunition is prohibited from being used on the range

I am new and have never even held a gun. Can I go to the range?

Absolutely! Our talented and professional range team can assess your skill level and give support – if you aren’t sure about something, don’t be afraid to ask, that’s what we are here for!

When you visit the range for the first time, just head straight back towards the sign that says “Blackstone Range.” To your left, you will see a bunch of iPads and a TV. Please watch the safety video and complete the waiver. Once you have done that, head over to the range desk and our team will get you everything you need! All you need to bring is a government-issued photo ID and your excitement – we can rent or sell you everything else.

Once you are on the range, you will notice our safety officers out there in the red polo shirts. If you have any questions or concerns, they are there to help.

I don't have any equipment. Do you have ammunition, targets, and other equipment available for purchase? What about rental firearms?

Yes! We have everything you need for a fun, exciting range experience. Ammo, cleaning equipment, target, hearing protection. We also carry over 1,000 firearms and other great accessories in our 6,000 square foot retail store. If you desire anything we don’t carry, please let us know – we will find it for you!

What is the store dress code policy?

We kindly ask that you remove any hoods before entering the facility and do not wear any type of full face mask (ex. balaclava).

For safety purposes, pants must be worn above the waistline at all times.

Spent casings can be hot! Therefore, low cut clothing and open toed shoes cannot be permitted out on the range.

Is there a minimum age to use the range?

  1. Must be 18 or older to use the range unaccompanied.
  2. Minors 14-17 years old must be accompanied and supervised (on the same lane) by a parent or legal guardian.
  3. Minors 10-13 must attend and be certified by Blackstone’s Youth Firearms Safety Instruction program before being allowed to accompany a parent or legal guardian on the range.
  4. Minors 9 years old and younger are allowed to accompany a parent or legal guardian on the range ONLY during a Blackstone Private Instruction session with an instructor present.
  5. All shooters 18 or older must possess a valid Government issued photo ID or US passport
  6. Must be 18 or older to rent a long gun.
  7. Must be 21 or older to rent a handgun.
  8. Guests must be at least 21 years old to purchase handgun ammunition, with one exception: if a guest is under 21 (and over 18) but brings their own handgun to the range, he or she may purchase handgun ammunition for use on the range. In such a case, all handgun ammunition must be used in its entirety on the range as guest is prohibited by federal law from removing any leftover handgun ammunition from the premises.

Are women welcome on the range?

YES!!! Women are not only warmly welcomed but are the fastest growing segment of our industry. Approximately 25% of shooters nationwide are women and the figure is growing exponentially. At Blackstone, 45% of our shooters are women! Shooting accurately is related to calmness, focus, and precision – which is why women are often times better natural shots than men!

Does your facility support physically handicapped shooters?

Our facility, including the range, was designed for wheelchair accessibility. If you have special needs, please call ahead and we will do our best to accommodate.

Can I bring my personal firearm into the store?

Yes, of course! All firearms must be unloaded and properly holstered or cased before entering our facility.

Can I bring my own ammunition to the range?

You are welcome to bring your own ammunition to Blackstone at no additional charge. To protect our facility & equipment, we have a few guidelines we ask our guests to follow. Only lead core bullets are permitted on the range. Steel core, incendiary, tracer, exploding or tipped ammo of any kind is prohibited from the facility. To determine whether or not your ammunition is permitted on the range, simply hold a magnet to the side of the bullet – if it does not stick, your ammo is fine for use at Blackstone.

With respects to shotguns, we only permit the use of slugs on our range.

Can I use my own ammunition with a rental gun?

For the safety of our guests and our staff, ammunition for any rental firearm must be purchased from Blackstone at the time the firearm is rented.

What types and calibers of firearms are permitted on the range?

Our range is constructed out of AR-500 bulletproof steel and can handle a lot of abuse. You are welcome to shoot handguns of any caliber, shotguns (slugs only), and rifles up to 300 Winchester Magnum (Including that AR-15 you have been wanting to shoot)!

Black powder firearms are not permitted on the range.

How long are the lanes?

All 27 of our lanes are 25 yards long. Our high-tech target retrievers make it possible to send your target to very precise distances.

What type of target retrieval system do you use?

Our system was designed by Action Target and Mancom and is the most elite system available on the market. All of our target retrieval systems feature a digital display that can send the targets down-range in precise one-yard increments. The target system on our tactical range is interactive and can run, rush, and turn 360 degrees, forcing you to hone your skills in order to make effective split-second decisions.

What are your holiday hours?

On most holidays, we are open during our normal business hours. The exceptions to this policy for the upcoming year are:

Easter – CLOSED

Thanksgiving Day – CLOSED

Christmas Day – CLOSED

If you want to stay up-to-date on special events and sales we have going on, please sign up for our mailing list at the bottom of this page.