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Private Firearms Training

Advance your skills

Individual & Small Group Private Firearm Instruction

One of the best ways to continually improve and reach your goals is through private firearms training. From first-time shooters to seasoned firearm enthusiasts, everyone has more they can learn in the world of shooting sports.

At Blackstone Shooting Sports, we offer one-on-one and small group private firearms instruction from our conveniently located Charlotte facility. We can't wait to work with you to help you feel more secure, comfortable and confident in your skills.

If you're ready to start improving your firearms skills, Blackstone Shooting Sports' one-on-one firearms training is the place to turn. Book your private firearms training course at our Charlotte shooting center by filling out the form below, calling (704) 414-6020 or stopping by our facility.

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Private Instruction

Topics of Interest in Our Firearms & Shooting Instruction Classes

Whether you want to learn the basics of how your firearm operates, how to improve your aim or how to defend yourself with your firearm, you'll find private shooting classes suited to your specific needs and learning style with us. Our Blackstone Private Training program is designed to provide custom, individualized instruction to both individuals and small groups that's second to none. Some of the most common topics we teach include:

  • Introduction to firearms: New to the world of shooting sports? We're here to help you become more comfortable with your firearm through classroom-type instruction and hands-on time at the range.
  • Specific firearm focus: Maybe you're interested in learning more about one particular firearm, like the latest pistol or rifle. We can craft our training to be as specific as you'd like to a precise firearm type, configuration or action.
  • Specific technique focus: Proper stance, aim and positioning all work together intricately, and even one wrong move can significantly affect your accuracy. We can help you hone your current technique to hit your target every time.
  • Self-defense: Dangerous situations are all around us. But with proper preparation, you can stop these events in their tracks. We'll show you how to keep yourself and your loved ones safe with various armed and unarmed self-defense techniques.
  • Carrying a concealed weapon: Since concealed carrying a firearm for self-defense is an incredible responsibility, proper training is crucial. Our experts can help you better understand your role as a CCW carrier in keeping the people around you safe. They can also provide the information and range time necessary for you to receive your CCW permit.
  • Competition shooting: Whether you're training for your first big competition or your hundredth, you'll always find ways to continually improve as a shooter. Our experts are thoroughly familiar with the world of competition shooting and can provide insider tips to help you excel in the shooting sports.
  • Advanced tactical training: Tactical training encompasses several self-defense strategies using both armed and unarmed combat, which makes it ideal for those in the military, law enforcement, security or a related career. That said, the skills used in tactical training can benefit men and women of any age or occupation. We'll show you how to use and apply these skills to a variety of situations.
  • Create your own: Firearms, shooting techniques and areas of interests aren't one-size-fits-all — so why should your training be? We'll customize a training program specific to your needs and the learning outcomes you hope to reach from our instruction.

Get To Know Our Instructors

Meet Blackstone's top shooting professionals!


In 1992, Shane began his career with the Gastonia Police Department, serving as a member of the SWAT team. Currently, Shane is the Lead Firearms Instructor for the Basic Law Enforcement Training Academy at Gaston College in addition to his work here at Blackstone Shooting Sports. He loves to work with people at a variety of levels on any skill!


Allen is a United States Marine Corps Veteran, Life Member of the NRA, and avid shooting sport enthusiast from South Florida. He has been helping students from all walks of life meet their firearm training goals for over 30 years. Allen loves to work with people to customized training to their specific desires!


Patrice, born and raised in California, moved to North Carolina in 2018 with her wife and son. Patrice is a certified North Carolina security trainer and was awarded Pistol Expert during her 8 years in private armed security. She is a firearms enthusiast, but even more so has a passion for instructing new shooters.


All the way from Michigan, Mark did over 30 years in Law Enforcement, Corrections, and Security and 25 years as a Police Firearms Instructor and Defensive Tactics Instructor.