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Rifle 100

An introductory course to rifle fundamentals, operation, and safety.

An introductory course to rifle fundamentals, operation, and safety.

Classroom: 1 Hour

Live Fire: 3 Hours

Skill: Beginner

Prerequisites: None

Course Description: This comprehensive firearms training course introduces the student to the AR-15 / M-4 rifle. During this course, students will become familiar with the rifle and learn the basic handling skills necessary to safely and effectively operate it. Students will also learn about nomenclature, disassembly / reassembly, mechanical operation, care & cleaning, preventive maintenance, zeroing iron sights & electronic sights, shooting positions and much more. New knowledge and on range training will leave students with assurance as they begin their journey with rifles!

Covered in this Course:

  • Firearms safety and safe gun-handling procedures.

  • Introduction to the AR-15 / M-4 rifle.

  • Nomenclature.

  • Mechanical operation of the AR-15 / M-4 rifle.

  • Function checking the AR-15 / M-4 rifle.

  • Fundamentals & Methodology of shooting a rifle.

  • Basic gun-handling skills.

  • Loading / unloading and press checking the rifle.

  • Zeroing Sights (Iron/Electronic)

  • Confirming mechanical off-set and hold-off Point of Impact (POI).

  • Basic marksmanship and target analysis.

  • Ammunition management - Emergency reloads, tactical reloads and speed reloads.

  • Malfunction clearance drills

  • Presentation from the low ready

  • Threat assessment and area scanning.

  • Shooting positions - standing, kneeling and prone.

  • Dry-practice skill building drills for the rifle.

  • Fundamental diagnostics and self-correcting fundamental errors.

  • Basic take down of the rifle

  • Basic rifle skills standard drills

  • Time shooting drills

Course Details:

  • Rifle (M4/AK47/AR15)- Rentals available

  • 2 Serviceable Magazines

  • 150 Rounds of ammunition (can be purchased day of the course)

  • Electronic ear protection and eye protection (can be provided, if needed)

Course Times: 0800-1200

Course Cost: $ 149.99

Contact: Shane Caughey at or 704-414-6032

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