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Advanced Handgun

A high intensity, fast paced course designed to challenge even the most experienced shooters.

A high intensity, fast paced course designed to challenge even the most experienced shooters.

Classroom: 30 minutes

Live-Fire Training: 7.5 Hours

Skill: Advanced

Prerequisite: Tactical Illumination, Handgun 200

Course Description:

Advanced Handgun is a course designed for the experienced shooter, building on existing fundamentals of safety and manipulation. Students will be pushed to improve their marksmanship skills through down-range timed shooting drills, team vs. team drills, and close quarter contact drills. Expanding upon skills from Handgun 100, Handgun 200, and Tactical Illumination -Handgun, students will build competency, muscle memory, and proficiency with their platform. A baseline and end of course qualification will prove every student's efficiency and knowledge.

Students are required to have exceptional safe firearm handling skills to participate in this course.

Instructional Material Covered:

  • Firearms Safety

  • Start of Course Pre-Qualification with Handgun

  • Concepts / Defensive Mindset

  • Defensive Setup of Gear

  • Drawing from Concealed or Exposed Carry

  • High Ready/Low Ready Speed Presentations

  • Magazine Changes (Retention and Emergency)

  • Electronic Sights Failure Drills (If shooting optic mounted handgun)

  • Shooting on the Move

  • Shooting using Cover/Concealment

  • Shooting Positions

  • Malfunction Drills

  • Learning to Shoot Multiple Targets

  • Shoot/No Shoot Targets

  • Speed Drills

  • Timed Shooting Drills

  • Low Light/ No Light Timed Exercises

  • Close Quarters/ Contact Shooting Drills

  • Team versus Team Shooting Timed Events

  • End of Course Scored Shooting Qualification

Required Equipment:

  • Handgun (rental handguns available upon request)

  • Handheld flashlight

  • Weapon Mounted flashlight

  • At least 3 handgun magazines

  • Magazine pouches (At least one required, multiple magazine pouches recommended)

  • Eye protection (can be provided if needed)

  • Electronic hearing protection (can be provided if needed)

  • 400 rounds practice handgun ammunition, 100 rounds of frangible handgun ammunition (for steel shooting) (all ammunition can be purchased the day of the course) NO steel case or steel core ammo allowed

Course Prerequisites: Handgun 100, Handgun 200, Low Light Handgun

Course Cost: $399.99

Course Times: 8:00-5:00

Contact: Shane Caughey at or 704-414-6032

For more information about prerequisite exemptions, please email Shane at

Please note that exemptions are rare due to the progressive nature of our course curriculum and overall safety of all guests and team members.

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