Dying a Magpul Sand PMAG Magazine:

Come Spend a little time with us in the kitchen and we will show you a  cool way to make your AR-15 stand out amongst the rest!

Magpul’s new “Sand” AR15 magazines are made with raw polymer beads that readily accept dyes. This offers you one more way to make your AR15 stand out from the crowd. Just select your favorite color from Rit’s large selection, and follow our brief tutorial.

Sand 10

1.)  Start off by stopping into Blackstone Shooting Sports and grabbing a few of Magpul “Sand” AR15 magazines.

Sand 1

2.)  Disassemble the magazines by removing the top cover, depressing the center button on the base plate, and removing the internals (follower, spring, and inner base).

Sand 2

3.)  Fill a large pot with water and heat to a simmer. You want it to be hot, but not boiling.

Sand 3

4.)  Once the water is heated, add your favorite color of Rit dye.

Sand 4

5.)  Grab your magazine body, base plate, and cover, and slip them in. Be careful not to splash, as the dye has the possibility to stain anything it touches.

Sand 5

6.)  Stir slowly to avoid having the polymer pieces sitting in a hot spot for too long. This also allows you to check the pieces occasionally for color shade. You can vary the shade with time, the longer it’s in the darker it will become, to a point. This step in the process can be anywhere from 1-10 minutes, it’s up to you.

Sand 6

7.)  Once you’ve achieved the desired shade, carefully remove the pieces and let them drip dry on something disposable, like newspaper, or paper towels.

Sand 7

8.)  If you’re interested in experimenting a little you can actually vary the color pattern with a process very similar to tye dying. I used a shredded pair of old socks.

Sand 8

9.) The finished “tie dyed” PMAG.

Sand 9

10.)  Come out to Blackstone Shooting Sports and show off your handy work!




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