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What You'll Need to Shoot at a Gun Range

What You'll Need to Shoot at a Gun Range

Check out our list of things you need to shoot so you can be prepared!

Shooting sports have become increasingly popular in recent years, and gun ranges provide a safe space for people who may be new to shooting or may not be as skilled with firearms. Blackstone offers various services, including everything from Individual and Small Group private lessons to group training like Handgun 100 and Concealed Carry classes.

If you are new to shooting, beginner courses like Handgun 100 and Private Lessons are strongly recommended and frequently offered here at Blackstone. Safety is always a priority when handling firearms, so before you head out to the range, you might be wondering, “what do I need to come shoot at Blackstone?” Check out our list so you can be prepared!

Can I Bring My Own Firearm To The Gun Range?

Yes! We allow anyone older than the age of 18 to bring their legally owned firearms to the range. When bringing your own firearm to the range, of course, there are some rules and restrictions that apply. We do not allow any blackpowder/musket style firearms at our range. Be sure to check with the range staff if you have any questions.

Can I Bring My Own Ammunition?

Yes, with some restrictions. If you are bringing your own personal firearm, you can use your own ammunition. The only ammunition we do not allow is any steel core, incendiary, “green-tip”, or birdshot, at our range. Be sure to check with the range staff if you have any questions.

Protective Eyewear

When preparing for a visit to Blackstone, keep in mind that protective eyewear is a requirement here at the range. If you do not own eye protection, they can be purchased upon arrival. Most seeing eye glasses are viable eye protection at our range.

Ear Protection

Ear protection is also a requirement when visiting our range. Inside the ear and over the ear protection are allowed, the use of both is recommended for new shooters. If you do not own ear protection Blackstone will have multiple options available for purchase.

Can I Rent A Firearm At The Gun Range?

If you do not personally own a firearm or are interested in trying a firearm before buying one, Blackstone offers over 100 different firearms to rent while on the range. The State of North Carolina mandates that no one under the age of 21 should be allowed to rent a handgun or purchase ammo for it. Anyone 18 or older is allowed to rent a long gun with proper identification. Some choose to rent because it gives them access to a gun that they might not have had the chance to shoot otherwise. It’s a great way to get comfortable with a firearm before making a purchase.

Our range here at Blackstone is a fun, accessible way to learn, gain experience, or just spend some time with friends or family doing something that you all enjoy. Blackstone prides itself on being a safe, open environment for people of all walks of life to come and enjoy what we have to offer.

Visit Blackstone Shooting Sports

Train, shop, shoot, and entertain all at Blackstone Shooting Sports — the largest indoor shooting range in the Carolinas. All of our lanes are equipped with Action Target’s steel Total Containment Trap, baffling system, and clear-view bulletproof glass shooting stalls. Blackstone Shooting Sports provides memberships, is open to the public, and takes pride in having created a safe, inviting space for all levels of experience. So now that you’re no longer wondering “what do I need to shoot at a gun range” you can come see us today!