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The Best Ear Protection To Wear to the Shooting Range

The Best Ear Protection To Wear to the Shooting Range

Read on to find out some of the best ear protection to use while at the range.

The noise from shooting a firearm can cause permanent hearing loss, so it is crucial to protect your ears while at the shooting range. Make sure to use an earplug or earmuff (or both) with a high Noise Reduction Rating (NRR). The Noise Reduction Rating is a unit of measurement used to determine hearing protection devices' effectiveness to decrease sound exposure. Now are you asking yourself, “What is the best ear protection to wear to the shooting range?”

You can find ear protection with NRR ranging as low as the teens to possibly slightly exceeding 30 dB. The higher the range, the more noise is canceled out by the device. Almost all firearms create a noise of over 140 decibels, which can immediately cause permanent damage to the ear.

Types Of Ear Protection

Disposable In-Ear Soft Foam Inserts

There are brands of these single-use ear protectors with an NRR of 33, but many avid shooters prefer to double up these foam inserts with earmuffs while shooting at an indoor range.

Reusable In-Ear Inserts

Reusable in-ear inserts are a more practical approach to the ones you throw away after one use. You can find soft and moldable brands or ones that are hard and molded to fit your specific ear for more protection. It is vital to make sure you have well-fitting ear protectors to keep as much of the sound out as possible.

Basic Over-Ear Protection

This form of ear protection is what is called passive ear protection. These earmuffs are made from a variety of materials but are most often made from a foam material that surrounds the ear cup. They reduce the sound of gunshots and will help protect your ears from potential damage.

Electronic Over-Ear Protection

Much like passive ear protection, these earmuffs provide a barrier of noise-reducing foam but with more technology. Many of these “active” ear protectors have technology that can distinguish between soft and loud noises, allowing you to hear conversations without taking off your earmuffs.

Purchasing Tips


When purchasing ear protection, it is important to make sure that your earmuffs fit snugly, but not too tight. Many devices are adjustable, so finding your fit doesn't have to be a complicated process.

Battery Type

Many devices take standard batteries; some use rechargeable batteries, which will need charging after your day at the shooting range. If you are using a device with standard batteries, it is wise to keep extra on hand.

Comfort and Weight

Having heavy, uncomfortable earmuffs will put a damper not only on the sound, but also on your shooting experience. When searching for the best ear protection to wear to the shooting range, be conscious of the foam padding on the headband and ear cups to make sure they will be comfortable for long periods of time. If the earmuffs are too heavy, this could potentially put too much pressure on the neck and head area.

Blackstone Shooting Sports

Here at Blackstone, we have the largest indoor shooting range in the Carolinas. Safety is of the utmost importance for us. Each shooting stall is equipped with Action Target’s steel Total Containment Trap, baffling system, and clear-view bulletproof glass. Ear and Eye Protection is a requirement at most shooting ranges, so why not have the best ear protection on the market? Our Retail store is stocked with hundreds of firearms from today's top manufacturers, as well as a wide selection of ammo and firearm accessories, including ear protection. Ask our qualified sales staff for recommendations on the best ear protection to wear to the shooting range. Come spend a day at the shooting range and browse our retail store today!