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Safe Firearm Storage Options

Safe Firearm Storage Options

Everyone requires a unique firearm storage solution.

Everyone requires a unique firearm storage solution. Whichever technique you choose, it must offer a sufficient degree of protection to prevent unauthorized individuals from gaining access to the firearms. The assessment of what constitutes "sufficient protection" is a matter of individual judgment on the gun owner's part.

Therefore, which secure firearm storage method is ideal for your unique circumstances? It depends on the kind of firearms you possess, your living environment, and the amount of money you can invest. A collector will seek more storage space. Competitors may want portability to attend shooting competitions. Those who maintain weapons for self-defense will be worried about access efficiency.


Relatively simple, low-maintenance, and often very effective. You won't have to remember where you stored your keys or replenish your batteries, and a thief will have difficulty guessing a random combination. However, if you're in a hurry, it takes longer to unlock a combination lock. You want an easy-to-remember combination. If you want immediate access, this is not the greatest option.


Trigger Locks are an easy and economical way to prohibit unauthorized people from loading or firing a firearm. Whether given by the manufacturer or the dealer, most new firearms are now sold with a trigger lock already installed. These locks come in a variety of shapes and sizes. A trigger shoe secures the trigger or trigger housing around the trigger to prevent it from being mishandled. Due to their direct contact with the trigger, these devices should never be fitted on loaded firearms.

Cable locks immobilize a firearm's action, preventing rifles and shotguns from being closed. When used with a semi-automatic handgun, they also prevent the grip from being loaded with a magazine. The cable is wrapped through the barrel of revolvers to prevent the cylinder from shutting.

If a specific gun lock is not available, many firearms may be secured using an ordinary padlock. Insert the lock's hasp between the trigger's rear side and the trigger guard to prevent the trigger from cycling. Trigger locks are cheap or even free by certain community initiatives, and when placed correctly, they may effectively prevent an unintended discharge. However, they do not provide physical protection for the handgun or a significant amount of theft prevention.


For most gun owners, a safe is the obvious first choice. After all, decent gun safes are fire and theft-resistant, intended to evade even the most cunning adult, so there is a strong probability that it will keep weapons out of the hands of even the most high-spirited child.

A safe is a practical and reasonable decision, even more so in houses with several firearms. And gun safes come in various designs and sizes (to accommodate varied space and price requirements), and they may include some unique features. Some even include modern technology, such as biometrics, which opens with the swipe of a finger, or radio frequency identification, which allows access to the gun with the wave of a key fob, bracelet, card, or sticker.


This kind of inexpensive carry bag is designed to protect weapons from harm. Gun cases come in various shapes, sizes, and materials to accommodate every commercially accessible firearm. Prices vary but are affordable for cushioned fabric sleeves to foam-lined plastic containers.

Hard-sided cases may be "legally" secured for transporting firearms to shooting tournaments. Any zipper pulls or carry handle on a soft or hard case may be padlocked (check your local regulations). Locked gun cases are a great alternative to storing a firearm in a drawer or closet. Like a trigger lock, a secured carry case will prohibit children from accessing a handgun.

Their materials limit their effectiveness as secure storage devices. Ordinary sharp instruments may easily puncture through the delicate materials and polymers used throughout. Because gun cases are meant to be portable, a thief may transport them as readily as their legitimate owner. Unless locked within another facility, gun cases, and their contents may be stolen and accessed elsewhere.


Steel Gun Cabinets provide more storage space and interior design choices than security cases and strong boxes, but they vary in key ways from gun safes. Due to the lower gauge of steel, the simple locking mechanism, and the lack of fire-resistant insulation, these units are priced and weigh less. With these cabinets are light enough to be securely transported up and downstairs by one or two persons, they may be used in settings such as apartment buildings or second-floor locations where a gun safe would be too bulky or heavy to install.

Firearm Storage Tips

  • With safety always a priority, particularly when children are around, here are a few tips for firearm storage.

  • Keep your firearms in locations that are only accessible to you or selected family members.

  • Utilize a storage area that is out of reach of children and is lockable.

  • When storing firearms (and magazines), keep them empty.

  • Ammunition should be stored in a secure area that is out of reach of children.

  • Assure that keys or combinations are stored in an inaccessible area to children.

  • Establish a consistent process for securing your concealed carry firearm, and repeat the same steps each time.

  • Using a gun-locking mechanism (such as a cable lock) as an added safety measure when storing firearms

Ammunition Storage

Follow these standards for ammo storage.

  • Separately lock ammo, reloading materials, and guns.

  • Ensure a safe distance between ammunition and flammables

  • To avoid corrosion, keep ammo in a cool, dry location. Corrosion may result in jams, misfires, and other safety issues.

Firearm Safety At Blackstone Shooting Sports

Firearm storage is a big part of firearm safety. At Blackstone Shooting Sports, We provide private firearms instruction one-on-one or small groups from our conveniently located Charlotte location. We're excited to work with you to help you feel safer, at ease and confident in your firearm storage and shooting abilities. Visit our website to book your private firearm safety class today!