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Rifle Shooting Techniques

Rifle Shooting Techniques

While all forms of shooting require skill, rifle shooting accuracy is primarily about consistency and removing external variables that restrict the gun's capabilities

While all forms of shooting require skill, rifle shooting accuracy is primarily about consistency and removing external variables that restrict the gun's capabilities. From setup to execution errors, developing the ability to spot minor errors and learning rifle shooting techniques will enable you to shoot without excuses and give every rifle a fair opportunity at the range.

Rifle Shooting Basics

Aiming, breath control, movement control, trigger control, and follow-through are the five key aspects of rifle shooting. These aspects function in unison and should be performed in this way.


  • Align your peripheral vision with the target. When aiming, keep two guidelines in mind.

  • Maintain both eyes open to aid in concentration and to alleviate eye strain.

  • Keep your aiming time to a minimum. You cannot sustain efficient firing fundamentals for an extended amount of time.

Control Your Breathing

  • Your breathing might cause the firearm to shift slightly, causing your shot to miss. These rifle shooting techniques will assist you in more readily implementing the proper method.

  • Inhale deeply and release around half of it when you're ready to fire.

  • Squeeze the trigger while holding your breath.

  • Bear in mind that holding your breath for an extended period of time makes your heart beat quicker, increasing your pulse and causing the firearm to move. If this occurs, take another breath and restart.

  • At times, the thrill of the spotting game will make controlling your breathing more challenging. Maintain a calm demeanor and adhere to the proper protocol.

Maintain Your Aim

  • Acquiring the ability to maintain a stable grip on the rifle is difficult. Rather than aiming to obliterate all movement, focus on two specific acts.

  • Any essential movement should be directed toward the goal.

  • Reduce the movement area.

Squeeze the Trigger

  • Jerking the trigger or squeezing the trigger hand forcefully might cause the gun to move enough to produce a miss. To prevent these movements, maintain a comfortable grip on the rifle.

  • Firmly grasp the stock's wrist.

  • Adjust your fingertip to a comfortable position on the trigger. The trigger should sit on the tip of your finger, between the first joint and the tip of your finger.

  • Squeeze the trigger slowly and steadily until the gun shoots without moving the rifle.


Continue the squeeze or follow-through after the bullet discharges to prevent jerking the rifle before the bullet exits the barrel.

The B.R.A.S.S. method is a frequently used rifle shooting technique. It is an acronym for:

  • Breathe

  • Relax

  • Aim

  • Squeeze

  • Squeeze More (follow-through)

Exercise to Increase Strength

Maintain a reasonable level of physical fitness so that you are not gasping for air with the deer 100 yards away. Hunting often needs muscles that you are not used to engaging. Strengthen your neck, shoulders, and arms to help you maintain control of your weapon.

Sighting Rifle Scopes

While there are few parts of a rifle sight that need mastering, investing the time necessary to feel secure every time you touch the dials is critical. To begin, familiarize yourself with your elevation turret.

Here's everything you need to know to handle it confidently.

  • Rapid elevation adjustment

  • Magnification adjustment

  • Recognize and comprehend your reticle

These actions must seem natural from a variety of shooting positions. A critical component of shooting with confidence is the ability to adjust your rifle sight from any position. If manipulating your rifle scope causes your field of vision to change when prone, kneeling, standing, or sitting, you do not have a stable shooting posture.

Confirm That the Barrel Is Clean

Push a solvent-soaked patch through the barrel with a back-and-forth scrubbing motion using a cleaning rod and jag. Allow the solvent to work for 5 minutes before swabbing the barrel with a clean patch. Soak a bronze brush in solvent and push it all the way into the barrel, pulling it out the other end. Repeat for a total of ten in-and-out cycles. Work a dry patch through the barrel one more with the cleaning jag, then turn it over and run it through again. Then soak a patch in solvent and scrub the barrel in a back-and-forth motion. Rep with the reverse side of the patch. Then, using clean saturated patches, continue until the patches are clean. If it does not come clean, use the golden brush again, followed by patches. Finish with a dry patch followed by a dampened patch treated with rust preventive. Pay special attention and care to the crown to ensure it is not dinged or scraped since this might cause bullets to deviate from their intended path.

Examine the Scope Mount and Rings

Assemble all mount screws and ring screws very, very tightly. Apply equal pressure to all screws, tightening them in sequence, a turn or so each time.

Maintain Concentration While Practicing

Effective rifle shooting begins in the mind. Dry-fire practice may be just as beneficial as live-fire practice. However, pressing the trigger is not a drill. Each shot should get your full attention when training, down to the last detail. Consistency is critical. Such concentration is taxing. When you are unable to focus, you should call it a day.

As with any discipline, poor practice shots add to you practicing poor rifle shooting techniques. Call your shots prior to seeing where they hit. When bullets connect in unexpected locations, suspect a flinch or a poor trigger pull. Reduce your speed. It will make all of the difference.

Training At Blackstone Shooting Sports

Private firearms training is one of the most efficient ways to constantly grow and attain your objective. From new shooters to seasoned firearm enthusiasts, everyone has something to learn in shooting sports.

From our conveniently located Charlotte facility, Blackstone Shooting Sports offers specialized firearms instruction to individuals and small groups. We're happy to work with you to make you feel secure, more at ease, and more confident in your skills.

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