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Retail Items at Blackstone Shooting

Blackstone is one of the largest handgun retailers in Charlotte

Learn about all the items that Blackstone keeps in stock.

Blackstone Shooting Sports is one of the largest handgun retailers in Charlotte. We have a massive selection of firearms, the accessories you need, and the assistance you want from experienced industry experts.


Deciding to purchase a gun is most likely something you have thought a great deal about, and has you making a very calculated decision. And if not, we have experts to assist you in choosing the right firearm for you. Whether you are wanting to get your first rifle or adding a new pistol to your growing collection, making a firearm purchase is an exciting event. That’s why we strive to keep a large selection of firearms for purchase.


We carry a range of new and used handguns such as revolvers, semi-automatic, lever-action, single shot, and more in manufacturers like:

  • Glock

  • Sturm Ruger & Co.

  • Sig Sauer

  • Smith and Wesson

  • Taurus


Our rifle selection includes bolt action, pump-action, semi-automatic, single shot, tactical and more in a variety of brands like:

  • Remington

  • Colt

  • Daniel Defense

  • Springfield Armory, Inc.

  • Ruger


We have a variety of shotguns to choose from like pump action, lever action, single shot, bolt action, semi-automatic, and more with available brands such as:

  • Beretta

  • Browning Arms Company

  • Benelli

  • Winchester

  • Weatherby


When you make a new firearm purchase, you will want the proper ammunition suited for your specific firearm. You can purchase ammunition with your gun so you can enjoy your new handgun, rifle, or shotgun right away at our range. The brands we carry include:

  • Federal Premium

  • Hornady

  • Remington

  • Winchester

  • CCI

  • Nosler

  • And more

Firearm Accessories

Your shopping experience wouldn’t be complete without the ability to get all of the accessories you need to enjoy your new firearm. You’ll want to be fully prepared for your next day at the shooting range or the next big hunting trip. You can choose from accessories like:

  • Eye and ear protection

  • Tripods

  • Scope mounts

  • Gun cases and storage

  • Belts and holsters

  • Apparel

  • And more


At Blackstone, we also carry a variety of premium knives that are tough, dependable, and allow you to be prepared for almost any situation. You can choose from popular brands such as:

  • Benchmade

  • Microtech

  • Kershaw

  • Buck Knives

  • Gerber

  • CRKT

  • Zero Tolerance

Stop By Blackstone Shooting Sports Today!

Come and see our excellent selection of firearms and shooting accessories for yourself! When you shop with Blackstone Shooting Sports, you can expect a much different experience than other firearm retailers. Our gun shop employees are approachable and ready to assist you in finding just what you’re looking to purchase. If you simply want to browse, you won’t have to worry about feeling pressured into making a purchase. Come see our Charlotte gun shop today!