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Gun Range Ear and Eye Protection 101

Gun Range Ear and Eye Protection 101

When it comes to firearms, safety comes first

When it comes to firearms, safety comes first, and that includes gun range eye and ear protection. Ear and eye protection are not all made equal. Putting on any old set of sunglasses or earplugs will not ensure that you are protected. Here's how to figure out what gun range ear and eye protection are best for you.

Why Do I Need Eye Protection At A Gun Range?

Eye protection from ricochets and other debris is provided by wearing safety glasses. Incidents do happen, even if they are uncommon. If your ordinary eyeglasses or sunglasses aren't providing enough protection, seek ANSI-rated glasses or ask your eye doctor for a prescription set of safety glasses.

Shooting a firearm not only sends the projectiles downrange, but it also sends microscopic particles, burning gas, and other residues downrange. It's also possible that a shell can explode or that your rifle will malfunction.

Eye protection is simple and comes in two varieties, something which looks like regular glasses or a goggle-type form. Most people prefer glasses, but goggles are helpful for tactical training since they may be used in scenarios involving smoke, tear gas, and other chemicals.

  • When shooting, always put on appropriate eye protection, such as shooting glasses with high-impact lenses.

  • When disassembling or cleaning a firearm, wear eye protection as well.

Why Do I Need Ear Protection At A Gun Range?

Ear protection is equally as critical, if not more so. Hearing loss is caused by a combination of sound intensity and exposure time. Pay attention to the Noise Reduction Rating, regardless of the type of hearing protection you choose (NRR). When worn, the NRR represents the maximum number of decibels (dB) by which the hearing protector reduces the sound level.

When your ears are subjected to at least 140 dB, permanent hearing impairment can occur. Rifles may produce noise levels of 160-170 decibels. Without hearing protection, every shot you shoot will harm your ears unless you have a very particular build (e.g., a subsonic.300 BLK with suppressor).

Muffs and plugs are the two most common types of ear protection. Plugs slide into the ear canal while muffs cover the entire ear. Here, the most critical factor is fit. Earmuffs or plugs that are not properly fitted will not operate, regardless of their noise reduction rating. A single shot can result in permanent hearing loss. Even if you already have hearing loss, continuing to be exposed to loud noises can exacerbate the problem.

Universal plugs don't always work for everyone, especially when they're used incorrectly. Wearing both plugs and muffs at the same time is also an option that provides maximum protection. Wearing both muffs and plugs increases the noise reduction rating to about 5-10 dB higher than the muffs or plugs' greatest NRR rating.

Best Gun Range Ear and Eye Protection

It's not just a matter of following a range rule when it comes to wearing gun range ear and eye protection. Despite the fact that most facilities require both, you should opt to protect yourself when it comes to your eyesight and hearing.

Best Ear Protection: Earplugs

  • Walker's Corded Foam Plugs

  • Titan Tactical Reusable Ear Plugs with heavy duty case

  • 3M Peltor Sporting Good Banded Hearing Protector

  • Decibullz Custom Molded Earplugs

  • Etymotic GunsportPRO Electronic Hearing Protection

  • SureFire EP4 Sonic Defenders

Best Ear Protection: Earmuffs

  • Walker's Razor Slim Earmuff

  • 3M Peltor X5A

  • Howard Leight Leightning Ultraslim Shooting Earmuff

  • Caldwell Adjustable Earmuffs

  • Champion Traps and Targets Slim Earmuffs

Best Eye Protection: Glasses

  • Wiley X Saber Advanced

  • Smith Optics Elite Aegis Arc

  • Howard Leight Uvex Hypershock Shooting Glasses

  • Oakley Standard Issue

  • Pilla

  • Revision Military Sawfly

  • Walker's Sport Glasses

Best Eye Protection: Goggles

  • Oakley Standard Issue Ballistic HALO

  • Rothco OTG Ballistic Goggles

  • Revision Military Goggle System

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