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Do You Need A Gun License to Go to The Shooting Range?

Read on to find out!

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Shooting guns is often viewed by those who have never used a firearm as something reserved for the military or police, home protection, and hunting purposes. However, shooting sports has been growing rapidly since 2018 among Americans, and in 2018 53% of male sport shooters were non-hunters. This is a significant change from the historical function of ranges being used for police training, sighting in guns for hunting, and teaching new firearms users. More and more people are learning to use firearms safely and have a good time doing it!

Have you decided it's time to figure out why so many Americans enjoy shooting guns recreationally or as a sport in a range setting? Maybe you've never shot a gun, shot one a few times with your uncle as a child, or are looking to purchase a firearm soon. In any case, many people wonder what the requirements are to be able to shoot a gun at a shooting range.

Do You Need a Gun License?

As long as you are 18 or older, an American citizen or a registered resident of the United States with proper identification- you can shoot at most ranges, unaccompanied. If you have experience shooting firearms, you can use your own guns, but many shooting ranges require that you must be 21 or older to rent a firearm. If you are not experienced with firearms, we highly recommend taking a course. If you are looking to acquire your CCW license, this is also a separate class that is offered. You will need a Driver's License or another form of state identification to shoot, and minors above the age of 12 can shoot when accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. All shooters under 18 must stay on the same lane as their parent or guardian.

What If I'm Under 21 and Own My Own Handgun?

If you are between 18-20 years old, you may shoot a rented handgun or a handgun registered to yourself while accompanied by any adult over 21. If under 18, you must be over the age of 21 and accompanied by a parent or guardian. Learning proper gun safety and how to handle firearms properly at a younger age can help children better understand certain dangers and respect firearms to a higher degree than if they are avoided and only something seen in movies and video games.

Shooting guns in relation to hunting has been very common for people in rural areas, but for years there has been a negative connotation with guns towards violence in cities or urban areas. It is more likely that new recreational shooters are joining the sport from urban and city populations, which is why indoor ranges have become a safe and inviting place to learn about shooting guns. There is a greatly increased number of female shooters that have made the sport much more inclusive and less "scary" to give it a shot as your new favorite sport or weekend outing.

Shooting Range Fun at Blackstone Shooting Sports

The recreational sport of shooting is growing globally and is expected to have increasing numbers between 2020-2027. A great way to experience shooting is with a Private Event or party at Blackstone Shooting Sports. We put a new spin on the idea of a shooting range that is inviting for all types of gatherings such as bachelor and bridal parties, work gatherings, holiday events and more.

It turns out that it's no secret.... shooting guns is just plain FUN! As long as all safety procedures are followed and you learn everything you need to know to be sure you and others enjoy a safe shooting experience - you too could join the many individuals taking up the hobby of sport shooting at the Blackstone Shooting Range.