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Concealed Carry Permit Training

Concealed Carry Permit Training

As the owner of a firearm, getting the proper training is crucial!

As the owner of a firearm, getting the proper training is crucial so you can operate your gun safely and fully understand the responsibility that comes with it. A top priority for many gun owners is protecting themselves and their loved ones from threats they may face, including those beyond your home. That is why so many gun owners choose to carry their firearms with them. To safely and legally do so, it is critical to receive your concealed carry permit from a knowledgeable and certified instructor.

Why Get a Concealed Carry Permit?

Even if you have years of experience in using guns for sport, carrying a gun adds a new layer of responsibility and accountability. There are many handgun laws on state, federal, county, and municipal levels that gun owners need to consider as a concealed carrier. It is a concealed carrier's job to understand how these laws work together to protect the carrier and those around them. There are several reasons people should obtain a concealed carry permit.

Lawful Gun Owners Take Pride in Abiding by the Law

Many people take pride in carrying their firearms. Obtaining a concealed carry permit in a safe and legal way requires time and money. Many people put in this effort because they are proud to be able to carry a concealed firearm.

Concealed Carry Reciprocity is Almost Non-existent Without a Permit

For those who are legally carrying without a permit, there is virtually no concealed carry reciprocity. Very few states allow permitless carry outside of your home or place of business. Outside of these states, a valid permit is required to carry in public, so one must have a concealed carry permit reciprocate with or recognized by the state in which they want to carry.

Concealed Carry Permits Allow Self Protection

The world can be a dangerous place, and crime can happen when you least expect it. A study published in the Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology found that a criminal will retreat 55.5% of the time when someone draws a concealed weapon in self-defense. It could mean the difference between you becoming a victim of assault or robbery, or fending off an aggressor successfully.

Protect Those Around You with a Concealed Carry Permit

In a world where citizens experience horrific mass shootings, we have seen several tragedies stopped thanks to someone else carrying a firearm. The NRA's Armed Citizen column cites hundreds of examples where attacks and crimes were seized by an armed citizen, proving that a concealed carry permit can make a huge difference in a potentially destructive situation.

Gain Additional Confidence

The National Opinion Research Center completed a study finding that 59% of those who chose to carry a gun claim they do so to feel safer. Carrying a concealed weapon can increase your sense of security when you're in dangerous areas or are out alone at night by knowing you have a way to effectively defend yourself if necessary. Additionally, you will be more confident in knowing the laws surrounding carrying a concealed weapon to ensure that you are extra careful and do not break any of those laws.

Get Your Concealed Carry Permit at Blackstone Shooting Sports

Concealed carrying a firearm for self-defense is an immense responsibility, so proper training is crucial. The experts at Blackstone Shooting Sports can help you better understand your role as a CCW carrier in keeping the people around you safe. They can also provide the information and range time necessary for you to receive your CCW permit. Contact us to learn more or schedule your class today.