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Benefits of Going to the Shooting Range

Benefits of Going to the Shooting Range

Read about the many reasons people go to the shooting range!

It is a common misperception that only avid gun users go to the shooting range, such as for police, hunting or military training. This is becoming increasingly less true, and people are now going to the shooting range for date nights, special events or just to have a good time! With the many benefits of going, it’s no surprise more and more people are heading out to the range.

Renting Firearms

One benefit of going to the shooting range is having the ability to rent guns that you may not have had the chance to shoot otherwise. Renting a firearm from the shooting range can allow you to test out a specific type of gun before purchasing it. You can also become familiar with shooting a new gun after purchasing it in a safe place like Blackstone.

A Safe Environment To Learn

When learning to shoot, the best place to do that is the shooting range. Blackstone offers private and group instruction, where you will have a professional there to help you learn to properly shoot and ensure safe gun handling. Whether you are a seasoned pro or new to shooting, everybody can benefit from learning more about the world of shooting sports.

Health Benefits

Adding to the list of reasons to visit the shooting range is the countless health benefits. This includes both mental and physical health.

  • Arm and Hand Strength- It’s essential to have arm and hand strength to properly shoot a firearm. As you continue to visit the shooting range, your arm and hand strength will increase.

  • Focus and Meditation- Having focus when shooting is key to having the best aim. Many would be surprised to learn that shooting can become a form of meditation. Meditation is a practice where a person uses a technique such as mindfulness or focusing on a specific object, thought, or activity to train attention and awareness and achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm, stable state of mind. Going to the shooting range is a great way to meditate because your focus is solely straight down your lane.

  • Gain Confidence- Some people might find going to the shooting range scary and intimidating. Learning to shoot a firearm properly by a professional and being confident when handing a gun is another amazing benefit of going to the shooting range.

  • Physical Balance- Being in a proper shooting stance exercises your core muscles, which helps provide you with proper posture. Having good posture lowers the risk of lower back pain, strengthens your core muscles and increases your balance.

  • De-stress and have fun!- Shooting at a range is a great way to let off some steam, meet new people, and let yourself relax.

Shoot In Any Weather

When planning to shoot at an outdoor range, you have to take the weather into account. Whether it be rain, snow, or extreme heat, sometimes being out in the elements isn’t ideal. The benefit of going to an indoor shooting range like Blackstone is that you can go year-round, and having a dry, comfortable place ensures your safety even further.


Another one of the benefits of going to the shooting range is memberships. A monthly membership is a great way to save money if you plan on visiting the shooting range multiple times a month. Here at Blackstone Shooting Sports we offer discounts and membership perks such unlimited free range time, free lane reservations, and huge discounts on firearm rentals. We also provide a VIP lounge space for you to connect with other like-minded members.

Blackstone Shooting Sports

Blackstone Shooting Sports is the largest indoor shooting range in the Carolina’s and one of the country’s premier indoor gun ranges. Blackstone Shooting features 27 well-lit, state-of-the-art shooting lanes, including a 9-lane tactical training bay designed for advanced law enforcement and civilian training. Each of the lanes at Blackstone is 25 yards long. Visit us today at Blackstone Shooting Sports to experience the benefits of going to the shooting range!