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Advanced Tactical Training

Advanced Tactical Training

Read on to learn all about Advanced Tactical Training and why you should give it a shot.

When some people hear the phrase “Advanced Tactical Training,” they might feel intimidated or unsure if they are ready to try it. Tactical training helps you learn the skills you need to be safe and have the most fun at the shooting range and beyond. Even for seasoned shooters and firearm enthusiasts, there is always more to learn when it comes to the world of shooting sports. One of the best ways to keep your skills sharp and to learn new ones is to participate in training classes.

What Do You Learn in Advanced Tactical Training

Advanced tactical training incorporates a variety of techniques and strategies that can benefit men and women of any age or occupation. You can learn several skills such as:

  • How to present your firearm while on the move

  • How to shoot from unconventional positions such as lying on your back or side

  • One-handed malfunction clearances using either the firing or support hand

  • Malfunction clearances while on the move

  • Shooting around or under a vehicle or other types of cover

  • Low light and nighttime techniques like utilizing cover while using a flashlight

  • Reloading techniques

  • Practicing with multiple targets

  • Situational decision making

Do I Need to Take Another Class First?

In an Advanced Tactical Training course, participants will need to have prior knowledge about gun safety and tactical training. Basic marksmanship fundamentals, tactical movement skills, and an understanding of firearms will give participants a solid foundation so they will have an enjoyable experience and excel in the advanced training.

Reasons to Take an Advanced Tactical Training Course

There are many reasons someone may want to take an Advanced Tactical Training Course. Handling a firearm is safer when you have had proper training. Whether you are a sport shooter or handle a firearm for your job, training can sharpen your skills. During a training course, you can learn how to conduct yourself in a real-life scenario more skillfully. Learning how to shoot from behind cover and how to use a flashlight are just a couple examples of real-life skills you will learn. Practicing these skills will also help you perform better in stressful situations and make smarter decisions in real life. In addition to all of the skills you will learn in an Advanced Tactical Training course, you will get to meet other like-minded people with the same interests. It is a great opportunity to be social while learning from others in the training program.

Sign Up For Advanced Tactical Training Today

Blackstone Shooting Sports in Charlotte, NC offers Advanced Tactical Training courses and has a variety of other training opportunities. Learn competitive shooting skills, get your concealed carry permit, or join a workshop to learn about leagues, products, and more. Blackstone Shooting Sports also offers private training for some focused one-on-one time. Contact us today to learn more or visit our website to reserve a spot!