When you’re planning an event, especially in a company/corporate setting, there are so many moving parts when it comes to successfully pulling it off.

How much money is available? Who’s going to help me? Where will we host it?

The questions go on and on…and on.

And what makes planning even trickier; every action to be completed builds off of a previous action that needed to be completed before you even think about moving forward. One simple mistake can set your planning back days, maybe even weeks.

So to ease your planning efforts, we’ve compiled 5 challenges event planners typically face and some tips to resolve them. 5_Major_Challenges_of_Planning_an_Event

Let’s get started:

Challenge 1: Overspending / Not having enough money

It’s mind-boggling how many event planners get sucked into the black hole of not appropriately planning for funds. They take the “plan and spend as you go” method and wind up either seriously overspending or finding out very late in the process that they don’t have enough money to follow through on the project.

Solution: This is simple – create an event budget. And create it very early in your planning process. Do some research as to what you need to purchase for your event, create a spreadsheet of estimated costs and totals, and sit down with the appropriate people to settle on and approve a budget.

Challenge 2: Running out of time

As an event planner you’re always going to battle the clock because it’s a certainty that anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. Quotes will be late. Someone will rent the wrong tech. The printed invites will have the wrong time, and so on…You simply have to be able to account for things going wrong because chances are, they will.

Solution: This one is two-pronged: #1 start your planning process far enough in advance. #2 create and maintain a planning calendar. And live by it. Start at the date of the event and plan backwards. When you compile all of your required tasks and account for the time it should take to complete them, give yourself a bit more buffer time just to be safe.

Challenge 3: Not accounting for the little things.

And by little things, I mean the tasks and details so last minute they tend to fall between the cracks. But when they fall, they fall hard. Like not making sure you have the right technical equipment available or forgetting to think about seating arrangements.

Solution: Assemble a team. Having a great event team will ease the burden of having to think about every little detail and do every little task yourself. Delegate tasks to your team and check in every week or so to see how things are coming along. This way, everything doesn’t fall on you and small details have less chance of falling between the cracks.

Challenge 4: Choosing the right venue

Choosing a venue is arguably the most important task after creating your budget. The venue sets the tone for your event and determines a lot of the subsequent details you’ll have to decide on like whether you’ll need décor, transportation, activities, or equipment.

Solution: Choose a venue that fits well with your purpose and also has a lot of value added. Value added can be anything of importance you’ll receive in addition to the venue like projection systems and other tech, activities, and free wifi, for example. Choosing a venue with a lot of value added can significantly decrease your planning time and spending.

Challenge 5: Being memorable

The whole point of planning any type of event is to provide an unforgettable experience for your guests. Whether it’s an amazing and productive training session for employees, a wonderful birthday or anniversary party, or even a more casual gathering for a group of friends, a memorable event should be at the forefront of your planning efforts.

Solution: Have an activity. A fun and exciting activity is a sure-fire way to engage your guests before, during, and after your event. If you choose the right activity, your event is sure to surpass your guests’ expectations.

Being in charge of planning an event is definitely a tough job. But facing the common challenges above with the solutions we presented is a great way to successfully pull off an event that you and your guests will enjoy.

If you’re currently planning an event and are looking for venues with value added, Blackstone has customizable meeting space packages that include great bonuses like built-in sound, customizable seating configuration, and free wifi that will definitely decrease the amount of details you’ll have to plan for. We have a dedicated events staff that will assist you throughout your planning process and make your job as an event planner much easier.

Interested in what Blackstone can offer for your event? Get our free information packet HERE.

Have any questions or need more information? Give us a call at 704-414-6020 or email us at info@blackstoneshooting.com!

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